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post-hurricane blowout sale! 
Now through September 30th

Big changes coming in October.
After many years as, this website will be moving to a new URL.
Check back on October 1, 2019 for our new web address.


Updated 07/05/19

With the great prices on the internet for hedgehog supplies, we've decided to scale back the supplies that we carry on site.

Supplies that we currently have on site:

Heat Lamp & Ceramic Emitter - $30.00 ea
Fluker's 8.5 inch clamp lamp with dimmer switch and 1 ceramic emitter that produces only heat, no light.
Comfort Wheels - $7.00 ea  4 AVAILABLE
12 inch, plastic wheel, metal stand.
Flying Saucer Wheel - $20.00  LAST ONE
12 inch, low profile, all plastic.
Cake Walk Wheel - $9.00
13 inch, plastic wheel, pvc stand.
Comfort Wheels - $17.00 ea  5 AVAILABLE
12 inch, plastic wheel, metal stand.
Food Bowls - $0.50 ea
Variety of types and sizes.
Snuggle Sacks - $10.00 ea
Handmade (not by us) cloth snuggle sacks.  Variety of colors, patterns, fabrics and sizes.
Water Bottles - $1.00 ea
Variety of types and sizes.
Accessories Package - $5.00 ea
8 oz. water bottle, plastic insect bowl, choice of kibble bowl (ceramic, glass, stainless)
Litter Pan Package - $5.00 ea
Litter pan and 2 fills of pelleted litter.
Cages (very good condition) - $15.00 ea  2 AVAILABLE
Suitable for guinea pigs or small rabbits.

We will continue to carry digital thermometers to send home with our babies.  We feel very strongly that every hedgehog owner needs a thermometer.