Hood Petz

A leading & licensed hedgehog breeder in Florida since 2006

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Located in Middleburg, Florida, 32068

Our hedgehogs go to their new homes with:

Sample bag of food
Basic care info card
Detailed receipt
Snuggle Sack
Digital thermometer

A $50.00 deposit is required to reserve a hedgehog.  For deposit/payment details visit our Policies page.

Hedgehogs have specific temperature, diet and hygiene requirements.  If you have not researched how to provide proper care for a hedgehog, please do not buy one.
Please consider the following before purchasing a hedgehog for your child:
1.  Hedgehog quills ARE sharp and if the child gets stuck, they may drop and injure the hedgehog.
2.  Hedgehogs are easily startled.  If the child is not calm the hedgehog will be stressed, withdrawn and antisocial.
3.  Will your child do the necessary feeding, handling and cleaning?  If not, are you willing to do it?  If you are not, please do not purchase a hedgehog.
4.  Has your child researched hedgehogs and will he/she be able to recognize signs of illness/injury?  Will you?  If not, please do not purchase a hedgehog.
We strongly discourage buying multiple hedgehogs just because you have multiple children.  Hedgehogs are solitary animals and must be housed separately.
One hedgehog can be an ideal pet for the whole family and having only one allows for sharing the responsibilities.
For more details about hedgehogs and their care, see our Hedgehog Care page.